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FingerPicking Day 2024 Event Report

Acoustic Guitar Live Festival

Morris FingerPicking Day 2024, an acoustic guitar festival, was held at the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse on Saturday, March 30th, 2024.
The contest was held for the 2nd time since 2023 after the suspension due to COVID-19 pandemic, with 20 participants from Japan and abroad having been conducted high level performances.
The 2nd half of the event, FingerPicking Night, featured a FingerPicking super live performance by 4 top artists (Seiji Igusa [first appearance], Kenta Ebara [FPD2015 winner], Japan's top fingerpicking guitar player, Tokio Uchida and Rynten Okazaki) who are currently active on the front lines of the music scene.

Grand Prize Chun Sang Hyeok with Moridaira Musical Instruments CEO Toshimasa Oka
Grand Prize Chun Sang Hyeok
Moridaira Musical Instruments CEO Toshimasa Oka

Morris FingerPicking Day 2024 Grand Prize - Chun Sang Hyeok

Grand Prize
Chun Sang Hyeok
Award for Excellence
Keisuke Sakamoto
Song Award
Keisuke Sakamoto
Original Arrangement Award
Chun Sang Hyeok
TAB Award
Hiroaki Shigematsu
Hayama Moon Studio Award (Audience Award)
Kouki Tamakoshi
Acoustic Guitar Magazine Award
Yuji Kamihigashi
Acoustic Guitar Book Award
Panel of judges
Seiji Igusa
Tokio Uchida
Ebara Kenta
Rynten Okazaki
Takumi Morinaka of Morris Guitars
Kouji Aikawa of Rittor Music
Junya Shimofusa of Shinko Music
Organizer & Sponsorship
Morris Guitars
Ovation Guitars
Acoustic Guitar Magazine(Rittor Music
Acoustic Guitar Book(Shinko Music
Acoustic Guitar Life
Hayama Moon Studio
Moridaira Musical Instruments